Hating yourself when shopping.


Today Kimm and I went to Target and Dick’s to look for some workout clothes.  We were both SO excited.

However, that excitement soon faded and we were both left with feelings of disappointment and hate at our bodies.

It’s SO frustrating when you completely think you will fit into something, especially something that you really like and then when you pull it up or over your body and then you see yourself and you instantly HATE YOURSELF for how you look in that item.

I guess I always just think I’m not as fat as I really am.

And then I realize HOW MUCH WEIGHT I have to lose to fit into items and I get so overwhelmed.

And I HATE my body even more.

I can’t wait for the day when I can try on clothes and actually LIKE (and maybe even LOVE) what I see.

I hope that day will come.



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