Truly enjoying a “bad” food


I don’t like labeling food (or people for that matter!)

I don’t think food is inherently good or bad.  It may be made with ingredients you have labeled as high-calorie, high-fat, non-vegan (or whatever way you consider food to be bad).

But sometimes you really can just truly enjoy a decadent food item and not binge and not feel angry at yourself afterwards.

Yesterday at work was one such moment.

A co-worker had brought in a wonderful dessert for another co-worker’s birthday (in the birthing unit).

I have been trying to avoid such temptations because most of the time the stuff just looks fair and I don’t think I will enjoy it and therefore will feel guilty for eating something high calorie that did not truly satisfy.

But this dessert…

Oreo crust (made with butter)…topped with homemade caramel sauce…topped with a dark chocolate ganache…

HOLY MOLY that was good.

I had half of a slice and I savored EVERY SINGLE BITE.

And I did not feel guilty afterwards 🙂

I even got the was that good that I will make it in the future…maybe for my birthday next year!

I am so glad that I was able to enjoy…TRULY enjoy that wonderful dessert.



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