I hate wasting calories on “not great” stuff


Today was my grandmother’s wake.  We left Sheboygan by 2:30 pm, the wake was 4p-7p, and we didn’t stop to eat somewhere until close to 8pm.  We stopped at Culver’s and of course they don’t have many vegetarian options at all — I got the safe grilled cheese with fries.

It was okay…I’ve made and had MANY better grilled cheese in my life…yet I ate this one that wasn’t that great (not enough butter on all the bread and not grilled enough…more like warm buttered bread with cheese in the middle).

I do have to say the fries were good.

Then for dessert I got the Twix Mix-In custard on a cone…again, NOT GREAT (supposed to be vanilla and chocolate custard with Twix bites mixed in)…not too many pieces of Twix (more like Twix powder on the outside of the custard)…a TOTAL waste of money and calories and enjoyment.

Yet I still ate it.

I HATE that I don’t stop eating something when it’s not that great.

I wish that I could just push it away.

I don’t know if it’s the frugal person in me (I don’t like to waste food) or WHAT??

It is something I really have to work on…not mindlessly eating something when it’s not great.



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