Sometimes you have to splurge…


…on non-store brand products.

Saving money is always a good goal when it comes to food.

But you cannot always sacrifice taste.

Example: my mom bought store brand sour cream and onion potato chips for the grill out with Kurt and Jamie tonight.

Major mistake…they tasted awful (to me at least…no one else seemed to mind!)

But the Lay’s brand was less than 50 cents more and would have tasted SO MUCH better.

Another example: my brother brought a few flavors of the Wal-Mart brand of ice cream.

Again a major mistake!  The dense creaminess of better ice cream (I’m thinking Ben and Jerry’s!) was missing.

I’m so glad that I am able to utilize store brands when the taste is still good, but really splurge on items that store brand cannot do justice to.


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