Foods that just “GO” with certain social events


Well, here I am STILL in WI.

While I am happy to spend more time with my family, I also am missing Kimm, Izzy, Madeline and Charlie like crazy.

So on my extra night here we went to the movies!

Which I loved 🙂

The theater is all new and FANCY — reclining seats…really!

But of course when I go to the movies I love having my treats…specifically popcorn, some form of chocolate (I opted for chocolate covered raisins), and soda.

All of which are not that great when you are trying to lose weight.  I know this week was vacation and I wasn’t really TRYING to lose weight…but really that’s not the right attitude either.  I should try to have my treats, but in moderation.

But that is so hard…for ME.

I think what might work for me in the future is going with smaller portions…maybe a medium popcorn if Kimm wants to share and if she doesn’t think that is enough for her…getting my own small popcorn…getting a small bag of chocolate or portioning some out and bringing it to the theater…and as far as soda goes…making it diet.

That way I can still enjoy my treats and not sabotage my long-term goals!


By the way we saw The Age of Adeline which was pretty good!

And I can’t forget my mom getting stuck in the reclining chair when she was trying to get out of it…laughed so hard and it felt SO GOOD.



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