Clothes shopping: Hits AND Misses


Tonight was  my first night off from my two nights on.

We did the usual — gym, eat (homemade pizza with onions and peppers…SO GOOD), after-dinner clean up.

Then we went out shopping (we had stuff to return to both Kohl’s and Target and since we wanted to look for different sizes before our 30% off coupon for Kohl’s expired that day we NEEDED to go that night).

Normally on my first night off I’m so tired and I just like to be lazy around the house…but when I do that I so often feel like I’ve wasted my first day off.

I have to say I think that going out and doing something together made me so much more happy and productive.

And THANKFULLY I was able to find some stuff this time that will actually work for me 🙂

Hits — $10 shorts for the gym (CUTE ONES TOO!!!! — SIX pairs!!), plain tees for under my work scrubs (lots of GOOD colors that will improve my work wardrobe TREMENDOUSLY), a couple graphic tees (to add to my ever shrinking ones in my drawer due to most of them being old — now for the gym, or too small — NOT HAPPY).

Misses — a couple of graphic tees that were too small (I still see myself as needing a LARGE and so it KILLS me to have to get and XL or even worse XXL!), a couple of thin cotton bed shorts (a little TOO short)

But overall NOT BAD.  Kimm got a lot of nice stuff too (especially some new bras) and I tried not to feel too jealous.  I have to remember — she has a totally different body than me and we both have our own problems with buying clothes.  Like I said, at least I was able to find some nice stuff which made me much happier than last time we went out shopping.

I just keep thinking that the more weight I lose, the more fun shopping will eventually be…now that’s good motivation 🙂


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