Motivational Blog Post — Habits that helped me lose 100+ pounds


My only FULL day off this week.

And SO MUCH to get done.

Kimm wanted to head over to her parents house to mow the lawn for them since it is way overdue.  So I’m spending my time catching up on writing blogs and HOPEFULLY getting a little of DWTS in since I am WAY behind on that too!

I read this blog post this morning and I wanted to have it embedded in my blog so that I could go back and re-read it when I got discouraged.

The post is … “Habits that helped me lose 100+ pounds” by Katie at Runs for Cookies.

First of all…the fact that Katie lost OVER 100 pounds…WOW…great job and so motivating.

Second, reading through her list of habits that helped her to lose weight is making me think strongly about what habits will help ME to lose all this extra weight.

My favorites of hers that I want to try to incorporate are…

~~ keeping a food log (for accountability)

~~ not forcing yourself to eat something that you don’t like (just because it is supposed to be good for you)…I’m sure there is a much better chance of sticking to a way of eating if you actually ENJOY what you are eating 🙂

~~ having a safe snack to eat when you just feel like eating (I’m thinking apples are going to be that for me!)

~~ have a small treat every day (will definitely make it easier for me)

~~ drinking a lot of water (still working on this!)

~~ finding a lower calorie option if you are going to binge (this is BIG for me…when I feel like bingeing or when I HAVE binged in the past it is ALWAYS on some big ticket/high calorie item — cookies, ice cream) … I’ll need to think on this and decide what could be a stand-in — satisfying but less calories

~~ eat foods that you like but try to make them lower calorie with substitutions (this will take some work)

~~ committed to walking 3x/week, 30 minutes at a time (now that I’m back at the gym…I know that helps and I’ll have to write out my commitment and maybe make a chart and fill it with STARS 🙂 )

~~ always have a pair of jeans that are one size too small! (LOVE this…keep trying them on until they fit and then buy another pair…great to see that even if the number on the scale is slow to budge…fitting into clothes is a better indicator!!)

~~ taking a full length photo with every 10 pounds lost (if I want to do this…I DO!…then I have to get going on getting a picture…I suppose I could use the picture from my parents house with my huge fat rolls as my first pic!)

~~ creating a vision board (I like this idea but have to think of how it would work for me…pics from magazines???)

~~ monthly challenges (again…I love this idea…how can it work for me??)

~~ knitting/crocheting to keep the hands busy (definitely want to do this…especially when we come to Kimm’s parents house…so many candy temptations!!)

SO MANY GOOD HABITS that I want to start incorporating!!!


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