Weight (2nd month)



Well, when I first saw that number I wasn’t all that happy.  Only 2.6 pounds gone for the entire month.  WITH working out??  SO FRUSTRATING.

But then I got to thinking about it…I didn’t really do much at all to curb any of my eating patterns.  I basically ate what I wanted.  AND I went home during the middle of the month and ate a richer diet than I normally do.  And I had pizza a few times this month.  And we went out to El Forestero.  And we had ice cream a few times.

So I guess when you consider all that, I didn’t do too bad.

But I need to make improvements.

Here are my goals for the month of June:

1 — increase my water intake to 8 cups/day (NEED to make this a habit again)

2 — GYM Monday through Friday with arm weights one day on the weekend and taking Izzy for a walk on the weekends (and even fitting in a bike ride on the weekends)

3 — watching my portion sizes a bit more…nothing crazy…just trying not to have AS MUCH

The one good thing about weighing in only once a month is that I only can feel good/bad about my body ONCE A MONTH.  Actually kind of freeing.


June 2015 — 218.8 (-2.6)

May 2015 — 221.4 (START)


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