Today’s WYCWYC


Ahh…my first day off!!  SO HAPPY about that 🙂

Our plans were to go to the gym, eat dinner, and then head to Barnes and Noble for a “date” night!

Whenever we go to B&N we always get a Frappacino and a treat while we look at books…it’s just our thing and it would be tough not to do.

So I did my best to make it a BIT healthier…

1 — I got a tall instead of a grande

2 — I got mine with soy milk instead of regular milk (and they charged me 70 cents extra for that!!)

3 — I used only one flavored syrup instead of two (coconut instead of both coconut AND mocha)

4 — no whipped cream

My Frap was really good!  And I’m glad I made those small substitutions — it made me feel a LOT better about my snack!


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