A little down.


I’m not 100% sure why, but I feel a little down today.

And I really shouldn’t, considering that this is my third FULL day off. I got a long weekend because I had to switch a day with my co-worker because she has jury duty.  But I think therein is the rub…now the rest of the week won’t be that great.  I really wish that I would have had the three-day weekend at the END of working a tough week, not BEFORE.

Who knows, maybe it’s the weather??  Even though it was sunny all day, it was warm (too warm for my liking) and now it’s dark and overcast and cloudy, like it’s about to rain.

I’m feeling overwhelmed with the weight loss thing.  I feel like it will never get to the point where I actually LIKE my body.  It’s so frustrating.

I feel like I’ve been trying so hard and like it’s been FOREVER, and yet it’s been hardly over a month.  So of course I won’t see a ton of changes yet, especially when my diet hasn’t changed significantly.


It still feels like it will never change.

And that feeling is hard to just get past.

For now I think I’m going to just embrace the feeling and remember that tomorrow is a new day and I will probably feel much more upbeat and positive.

I’m really hoping I do because I HATE feeling this way.


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