Staying on track!


I’m SO proud of myself for getting to the gym today.

I say this because I had to get up extra early today to head back to the dentist to try to have them correct the bite on my temporary crown.

So with lack of sleep I really felt lack of motivation.

But I KNEW that if I went to the gym I WOULD feel better.

Kimm wasn’t feeling it either, but with me pushing, we made it there and left feeling awesome!!

Today’s workout:

Treadmill — 25 min (5 min warm up, 5 min cool down, 5 min at 3.2, then increased incline 1.0 every minute, up to 12.0 — only had to hold on to the machine for incline 11.0 and 12.0!!  — totally felt the burn and I was sweating like crazy!

Arm workout — the usual…

I THINK I’m starting to see some changes in the mirror….small ones for sure, but changes nonetheless which is VERY encouraging and motivating!!!


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