I’m feeling a little blah today.  Probably the biggest reason is no gym as Kimm had her teeth/gums deep-cleaned today and she was all numb and therefore would be unable to drink water.  I know I could have gone myself but truthfully I kind of wanted a break too.  But now that I didn’t go, I am kind of kicking myself in the butt about it.  My only saving grace is that I took a longer walk with Izzy this morning because there was a nice cool breeze outside with very little humidity.  She loved it and I felt good about it too.

Like I’ve said before, I’m glad that tomorrow is a new day as I will probably feel more motivated to go to the gym and therefore have that post-gym endorphin high.

The other reason I’m kind of blah is that we ordered out again for food tonight.  I don’t feel TOO bad about it as we had planned it all along (knowing that we would have to wait for Kimm’s mouth to be un-numb).  But we got cheese ravioli from a place we haven’t gone to in quite a while and honestly it wasn’t all that great.  I just hate paying good money for food that is not that satisfying.  And the other thing that is annoying is that my tooth on the left side is STILL a bit sore.  I did everything my dentist said…no eating on it for 24 hours, take the Tylenol/Ibuprofen, start with soft foods.  I ate the ravioli on that side and something still doesn’t seem right when I bite down.  There is definitely some pain involved.  I went on to eat a roll on that side and at first it was even more painful but then started to feel a bit better.  I just REALLY REALLY hope that it continues to get better because I don’t want to have to get a root canal.  I just want to be able to eat on that side with no pain!!!!

Anyways, enough of the whining for tonight.  Maybe I’ll take a hot shower and just let all of my frustrations go down the drain…


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