Falling off the wagon.



I had been doing SO good.  And then everything just got to be too much.  Last night at work was so busy for me…a run in with my “favorite” intensivist Dr. W, a patient on the psych unit hitting a staff member in the head right when I was on the unit, a 40 week, 6 day stillborn.

Then worrying about my root canal today.

It all drove me away from my better habits.

Confession time:

~~a butt-load of Cheez-its at work (probably 1/3 of a box!)

~~a Reese’s peanut butter cup at work

~~pizza/fries/soda/ice cream after my root canal tonight

AND I was going to weigh in tomorrow.  I’m sure that won’t be great.

But I have to keep on reminding myself…one step forward, two steps back…I’m still moving forward, albeit slowly.  It will be a new month tomorrow and a month full of possibility.


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