Weight (3rd month)



BIG SIGH.  That number was so hard to write today.

Because instead of LOSING weight this month I GAINED.

And I know it was because of me.  Having pizza and lots of ice cream in the last few weeks has NOT helped.

I just get so frustrated because I feel mad that other people can eat this good food and not gain weight.  WHY do I always have to struggle??????

I’m going to try weighing myself every week again…maybe a month is too long for me to go without seeing some kind of change on the scale.

Hopefully by continuing to go to the gym and working out hard, and working on my portion sizes and TYPES of food eaten I can start the scale moving downward again.


July 2015 — 220.8 (+2.0/overall -0.6)

June 2015 — 218.8 (-2.6)

May 2015 — 221.4 (START)


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