Today’s #WYCWYC


I’m tired tonight.  Kimm went over to her parent’s house today to mow their lawn and I helped by assisting with lifting the mower in and out of the car.  That necessitated me sleeping at her parent’s house while she mowed.

It just makes for a lot of broken up sleep.

Needless to say, there was no gym today.

But, that didn’t mean giving up on everything…

Today’s #WYCWYC…

…taking a walk with Kimm and Izzy when I got up (our monthly streak is still going strong!)

…having a piece of fruit only after dinner (instead of adding the muffin or piece of chocolate that I was REALLY craving)

…to happen yet…but portion control with my peanut butter with my evening snack (usually when I have apple and peanut butter I don’t measure out the peanut butter, but believe me, it is VERY easy to go overboard with peanut butter…measuring out 1 TBSP is a better solution)

My chest is sore today from yesterday’s workout.  I’m excited for tomorrow’s leg workout!


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