A break


No gym today.  I was going to go…was getting my gear on when Kimm came in the bedroom and said, “oh, you’re going to the gym…I thought you weren’t going because of your period.”  I responded that I felt pretty good but that she could stay home while I went.  But then I could see in her face that she WOULD go even though she didn’t WANT to go.  So I decided not to go.  And actually felt GOOD about it.

My left foot has been hurting quite a bit and it’s really starting to get annoying.  I’m sure that I’m going to have to get some custom orthotics at some point.  However, last night at work I just took it easy…no stairs, sitting when possible…and it DID feel better today.  And I think another day off from the gym will help too.

So I’m not going to feel guilty about this day off.  I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the extra time to just do things more at my pace.  It felt SO GOOD.  Especially before this last night of work before two off.



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