Today’s #WYCWYC


Kimm went to do her parent’s lawn today.  Instead of just staying in the house like I normally do, I actually helped weed the front yard.


My legs are like jello.

That is my first #wycwyc for today.

Then later on we headed out to Barnes and Noble for a free date night.  I was reading about all the NEGATIVE stuff sugar does to our body, nodding my head in agreement, but still munching down on my S’mores cookie and my Coconut Mocha  Frappacino…my SMALL frappacino.

That’s my other #wycwyc for today.  I couldn’t give it completely up, but I could do a small instead of a medium 🙂

#WYCWYC (what you can, whey you can)…hey, every little bit helps.



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