Today I have felt just so emotional!

We went to yoga for the first time in quite a while and of course I couldn’t do SO MANY of the poses…my body just can’t do them…YET.  But instead of being gentle with myself, I just got mad and disgusted with myself and then THAT made me all teary.  UGH.  I know it is a journey…but sometimes it is just so hard.

Then this afternoon I went to get my permanent crown put on for my tooth. It didn’t hurt with the temporary crown coming off (thank goodness as I was very nervous about that) but it did smart a bit when she took off the temporary cement and had to do the build-up for the permanent crown.  But it didn’t take long.  However, when she put the permanent crown in place it just felt not right. Kind of tight.  But then she did tell me that the crown is in place tight so that the contacts between the teeth are tight so that no gap will form (to trap food) … which TOTALLY makes sense.  But having my tooth not feel 100% right after all that I’ve gone through with it made me also a bit teary when I got into the car.  After I talked it over with Kimm and took some ibuprofen and Tylenol I felt a bit better.  Hopefully it will feel NORMAL in about a week.  I have to keep remembering that my root canal took a while to feel good too.

Anyways, it was just that kind of day.  And what has made me happy is that I haven’t turned to food to make it better.  I had a normal lunch and we are going to have a normal dinner.

Food is not the answer.

Sometimes you just have to embrace those tears.


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