More tired and emotional eating.


It was a not-so-great night at work yesterday and I could tell with my food choices.  First of all, I was exhausted.  Especially when 4:30 am hit.  I always feel like when I hit that wall I just want to eat to stay awake.  Second, I was irritated with several scheduling issues that caused me some internal stress.  So of course I also wanted to drown out those feelings with food as well.

I THINK I did pretty good though.

What I ate (in a 12 hour shift):

~~2 packets of instant oatmeal

~~coffee with soy creamer and a spoonful of sugar

~~14 almonds

~~a carrot with roasted red pepper hummus

~~a bunch of rice chips with more of the hummus

And on the drive home

~~an apple

~~14 pretzel bites

AVOIDED = Oreos that someone brought in!!!!


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