Weight (4th month) — END OF VACATION


Vacation is over…sad face!

But we really had a good time…ESPECIALLY when it came to food.

As usual, we over-did it and by the time the end of the week hit, I was CRAVING vegetables like no one’s business.

The damage on the scale —

223.6 (up 4.8 pounds from my last weigh in)


Some of the good foods we had to eat on vacation included:

~~lots of pizza (from Nicky’s with mac and cheese bites, from Pizza House with fries)

~~lots of ice cream (Ben and Jerry’s and twice out and about)

~~El Forestero (only the best Mexican food around)

~~Chinese (you can never go wrong)

~~homemade chocolate chip cookies (MMMMM!!!!!!)

~~Stop and Shop Oatmeal Raisin cookies (SO GOOD)

~~Doritos (haven’t had those in FOREVER)

~~bagels and cream cheese

~~Mrs. Murphy’s donuts (so delicious)

~~Cracker Barrel french toast and cheesy hash brown casserole

~~Frappacinos and cookies at B&N


~~appetizers at home (mac and cheese bites, Totinos pizza rolls, mozz sticks!)

Honestly it all tasted so good during the moment.

But of course now that it’s all over, I’m feeling only regret.

So I’m back on the wagon today.  It’s a work night and I’m going to try to stick to mostly whole foods — carrots and hummus, almonds, apples.

I know the hard work will pay off once I can get myself to just understand that I not only will LOOK better once I lose the weight, but I just FEEL better when I eat better.


AUGUST 2015 — 223.6 (+2.8/overall +2.2)

JULY 2015 — 220.8 (+2.0/overall -0.6)

JUNE 2015 — 218.8 (-2.6)

MAY 2015 — 221.4 (START)



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