A swim at the gym.


I finally went for a swim again at the gym!

Kimm mowed the lawn today so she was too wiped out to go to the gym, but that was fine by me because then I could go in the pool.

I had a great workout.

Here’s what I did:

4 laps — warm up (easy breast stroke)

4 laps — easy swim (free style)

4 laps — kicking

4 laps — pulling

8 laps — alternate fast/slow (free style)

4x practice turns

8 laps, 2 laps at a time with a turn at both end (free style)

4 laps — cool down (easy breast stroke)

Total = 40 laps!!!

Now what I want to get is a waterproof watch so I can start looking at my splits and seeing if I can improve my time.  Exciting.

Finished off my workout with five minutes in the hot tub with the jets aimed at my shoulders and lower back…heaven!

And then five minutes in the steam room (temp = 114 degrees at the end… I was sweating like a pig!)

The only BAD thing about swimming is all the chlorine…Kimm said I reeked of it when I got home…took a shower and my hair was stiff as a board!  And now my suit and towel also smell too.

It was a good workout day 🙂



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