No gym guilt


I hate always feeling GUILTY.

I did not go to the gym today.  Kimm wanted to get her parents lawn done since it had been almost two weeks and it was right after I worked.  I helped her put the lawnmower in the car and drove over with her and then I napped on the couch while she mowed.  Then it was lawnmower back in car, drive home, spoonful of peanut butter and more bed.

I always get so tired when my sleep is broken up like that so I made the (sound) decision to sleep in an extra hour and therefore not go to the gym.

Even though I KNOW I made the right decision, I still feel guilty.

I wish I didn’t feel that way.

I did go on a short walk with Izzy when I got home in the morning and then a longer walk with Kimm and Izzy after dinner so that is SOMETHING 🙂

Gym tomorrow for sure!


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