Not comparing.


Another successful day at the gym!

I tried something new on the treadmill.  I did a five minute warm-up, starting at 2.5, increasing every minute by 0.1 so that by minute 5 I was at 3.0.  I did 3.0 for 5 minutes.  Then for the last 10 minutes I increased the speed to 3.1 and every minute I increased the incline by 1.0 (since I start at incline 1.0, I did 2-10 for minutes 11-19, then the last minute I did 11 for 30 seconds and 12 for 30 seconds).  WHAT A WORKOUT!

I was pouring sweat by the end 🙂

But the good thing is that the speed was good for my knee…and I still felt like I got a killer cardio workout.

Then it was time for arms.

These are my weights at this point…

Shoulder press 30 lbs

Chest press 40 lbs

Row 60 lbs

Lat pulldown 70 lbs

Chest fly 30 lbs

Free weight bicep curls 15 lbs

Free weight overhead tricep extension 20 lbs

Tricep push down 50 lbs

I was feeling it at the end.  But of course I was feeling a little down because I was comparing myself to Kimm’s lift weights.  She can lift much more than me (for example, she is up to 40 lbs on the shoulder press, 60 lbs on the chest press, 90 lbs on the lat pulldown).  It can be very frustrating to compare yourself to someone else and feel like you don’t measure up.

I tried REALLY hard to not feel bad about myself.  I have to do what feels right for MY body.  I need to compare ME to ME.

So hopefully I’ll be able to increase my weights at some point, but until then, I’m going to keep on being proud of what I can do.


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