Finally made it back to the gym.


Wow, it had been quite a while.  So easy to fall into that pattern of not going.

But then when you go…you just feel SO MUCH BETTER.

Got a good cardio workout in on the TM — once I hit 10 min mark, 3.1 speed, incline 4 for 2 min, 6 for 2 min, 8 for 2 min, 10 for 2 min, 12 for 2 min…yikes when you get up to incline 10 and 12, those minutes seem like FOREVER.  I was drenched in sweat by the end.

Then a great leg workout…legs felt like jelly afterwards which is always a good sign.

Today I just felt kind of blah…hormones??  I’m glad I got some good endorphins going from the gym.



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