The Beach Binge


I finally made it to the beach this year ūüôā

There is just something about lying in the sand, feeling the sun beat down on you, the smell of suntan lotion, the sound of kids playing, reading…it just brings a smile to my face.

But unfortunately for me, the beach has always been a place I go by myself…Kimm is not that much of a fan. ¬†And because of that, I tend to want to binge there.

I know it seems strange to binge in a public place, so I guess you could just say “eat an inappropriate amount.”

Today I got a can of cheddar Pringles and a package of Cosmic Brownies.

I just love the routine of 15 minutes reading in the chair, 15 minutes lying on my stomach listening to music, a dip in the water, then back out into the chair to eat something. ¬†It’s a comforting routine that doesn’t happen often (usually only once or twice a year) but still I look forward to it.

And I have to say…the binge is not AS satisfying as it used to be. ¬†The chips were good…but I could have gone with a lot less of the brownies…the first two were good but then I was pretty much over them. ¬†But then the funny thing is…I didn’t want to WASTE them, so I ate them up. ¬†There’s the BAD side to my anal frugality.

The worse part of it all is lying to Kimm.  I just hate myself for that.

My only saving grace today is that I DID hit the gym…had a good workout…so that may have counteracted this binge a teeny bit.

I think I just like to EAT at the beach…and I just need to find HEALTHIER food to eat there…maybe carrots and hummus, or chips and salsa, or apple and peanut butter, or cheese and crackers.

I’ll have to think on it.

But I do have to say I’m happy with the color I have on my legs and arms!


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